Launch Your Own Loyalty Program

Give your customers a reason to spend with you, not the business down the street.

Ease into the loyalty game with a basic DataCandy loyalty and gift card program or or go all in with our premium option.

Rewarding for You and Your Customers

Loyalty programs are 10 times more effective than traditional marketing

Strengthen your customer relationships by recognizing your customers’ loyalty

Rewarding buying behavior will increase your customers’ average spend and visits


of your customers spend the most money, so treat them like royalty to win their loyalty

Basic Loyalty Program 

Ditch those paper punch cards and launch an official loyalty program that will help your business retain customers and stay competitive.

Premium Loyalty Program


Ready to play with the big boys? Our Premium package includes:

  • a mobile app
  • in-depth reporting
  • data analytics
  • segmentation tools

A Centralized Customer Engagement Hub

Our omni-channel loyalty platform can handle all your marketing and communication activities. The info you collect from customers can be sliced, diced and analyzed to improve engagement and personalize offers.

Put Your Data to Work

Once your program is in place, you’ll have access to dashboards and reports to track sales and analyze member data quickly. You’ll be able to:

  • Generate targeted promotions
  • Identify and understand how, when and why customers made a purchase
  • View member point activity and variance for a selected period of time
  • Track loyalty member sales and visits


No Need to Break the Bank

Our packages are designed to be affordable and easy to budget for.

See Our Platform in Action