Give your customers a reason to spend with you instead of the business down the street.

Launch your own customer loyalty program. It’s simpler than you think.

Give your customers a reason to spend with you instead of the business down the street.


Launch your own customer loyalty program. It’s simpler than you think.

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A DataCandy loyalty program can help you: 

Increase your revenue


Loyal customers spend up to 66% more than your other customers.

Keep your most valuable clients


of your revenue can be attributed to the top 20% of your customers.

Get chosen over other brands 


of consumers are less likely to stray from brands that have rewards programs.

Gain insight about your customers 


of marketers use data to identify their best customers.

Basic Loyalty Program

Ease into the loyalty game with everything you need to build your own loyal member base.

Starting at $50 per month, per location

Once you’ve contacted us to choose the program that’s right for you, getting started is easy! 


Design and order custom loyalty cards.


Set up your solution with our support team.


Sign up new members within 10 business days.


Use data insights to improve your sales.

DataCandy store to design and order custom loyalty cards

Create on-brand card visuals  

through DataCandy’s online store 

Design and order loyalty cards that are customized with your logo, images and colours by logging into our online store. 

Swipe cards from your existing system 

with our seamless software integration 

Save time by activating loyalty cards, redeeming rewards and more right from your payment terminal. 

DataCandy gift card integrating with payment terminal
DataCandy's online dashboard

Understand your customers’ behaviour 

with intuitive online dashboards and reports

Boost your sales by understanding how, when and why your members made a purchase. 

  • Track loyalty member transactions and visits 
  • Generate personalized offers 
  • View how many new members you’ve gained 
  • And more 


Save time on administrative tasks 

with a self-serve member portal 

Your loyalty members can check their reward balance online, leaving your employees free to do what they do best.

Customers can check their reward balance online
DataCandy BackOffice

Take control of your program  

from the DataCandy BackOffice  

Manage cards and transactions in only a few clicks from your brand’s own administration panel. 

PremiuLoyalty Program

Go all in with advanced loyalty features that will delight your clients. 

Boost member sign ups 

with Text to Win

Build brand awareness and attract new loyalty members by gamifying your marketing. DataCandy’s Text to Win mobile app game can help you:

  • Convert customers into loyalty members
  • Build a mailing list with names, email addresses and phone numbers
  • Drive sales through higher member engagement
DataCandy's Text and Win app
To participate, customers simply need to:

  1. Text a keyword to a given number
  2. Click on a link received by SMS to access your game
  3. Create a member profile to claim their reward.

You can configure your game’s rules, set a start and end date, access game statistics and control the number of winners.

Encourage members to spend more 

with automated email offers

Surprise members on their birthdays or reconnect with them after long periods of inactivity by setting up and sending out offers automatically.


Stay on top of your program 

with training and support 

Teach your team to use your new loyalty software with confidence. Attend a train-the-trainer session and get extra help from your dedicated DataCandy project manager. 

Identify your best sellers

with item-level data

Find your most popular items and adapt your offers accordingly by using
 your dashboards and reports to pull SKU- or item-specific data linked to member transactions.


DataCandy dashboard with Facebook Connect and SKU-level data

Appeal to more customers

with Facebook Connect

Reward members for logging into your brand’s loyalty member portal for the first time with their Facebook profile.

Already have a loyalty solution provider?

We can import your member details, card numbers and point balances. 


Customize your program with à la carte features. 

Connect your systems

to the DataCandy Platform

with secure access to DataCandy’s application programming interface (API).

Keep your customers

engaged, anywhere

with a mobile app that gives them access to their profile, loyalty card, reward balance and more.

DataCandy's mobile app

Reconcile points

across all your locations

by letting DataCandy help you configure your automated clearing house.

Save the insights

from your previous program

by asking DataCandy to import your loyalty transaction history. 

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