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3 Ways Mobile Payment Can Boost Your Customer Loyalty

3 Ways Mobile Payment Can Boost Your Customer Loyalty

By Amanda Peterson, Guest Contributor from Enlightened Digital Mobile payment may not have made its mark on your business’s bottom line quite yet, but when it comes to customer acquisition, retention and satisfaction, it’s a must. Why? Customer loyalty. While cash and...

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Is Mobile Ordering the Future?

Mobile Ordering (MO) seems to be the way of the future. The idea is brilliant. But with every idea, there are flaws. Here are some pros and cons!

When Loyalty Is Right For You

Loyalty; it’s a term that has a lot of buzz. Every company wants loyalty from customers, and many believe loyalty programs are the way to go. Customers then complain that they are part of too many programs – but are they part of the good ones?

Customer Engagement in the Digital Age

As technology pushes new engagement criteria to the forefront, brands are struggling to keep pace with the digital age. The tech boom has consumers wanting more from their favorite brands.

The Mobile Revolution and Its Implications for the Retail Industry

How should retailers best take advantage of the mobile shift? Almost 28 million Canadians own cellphones, out of which nearly 14 million own smartphones. Consumers spend a lot of time on their smartphones, leading to a continual increase in online purchasing trends....