Insights and trends spanning the Gift Card and Loyalty industry.

When Loyalty Is Right For You

Loyalty; it’s a term that has a lot of buzz. Every company wants loyalty from customers, and many believe loyalty programs are the way to go. Customers then complain that they are part of too many programs – but are they part of the good ones?

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Customer Engagement in the Digital Age

Last week in Dallas, Texas, the Engagement & Experience Expo welcomed industry thought leaders to openly discuss customer, brand and channel challenges – and of course, solutions. DataCandy’s own Luc Garneau was a featured speaker at the Loyalty360 event to... read more

Is Gamification the Future of Engagement?

In today’s hectic world, where speed and convenience are constantly sought after, online shopping is threatening the traditional brick-and-mortar retail experience, as well as customer loyalty, with consumers having access to an abundance of choice, prices and reviews... read more

Are Your Loyalty Members Loyal?

Most retailers and restaurants who offer a loyalty program would probably say yes. Because if a consumer is interested in joining your loyalty program, then they intend to use it, right? With the average U.S. household being enrolled in more than 18 customer loyalty... read more