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3 Ways Mobile Payment Can Boost Your Customer Loyalty

3 Ways Mobile Payment Can Boost Your Customer Loyalty

By Amanda Peterson, Guest Contributor from Enlightened Digital Mobile payment may not have made its mark on your business’s bottom line quite yet, but when it comes to customer acquisition, retention and satisfaction, it’s a must. Why? Customer loyalty. While cash and...

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The Best Gift You Can Give Your Business Over the Holidays

Gift cards are a great addition to your product offering at any time, but during the holidays, they become even more valuable for your business. Here’s why: 1. Gift cards are easy to stock. Several hundred gift cards can fit in small, discrete boxes near your cash...

26 Ways to Build Better Customer Relationships

Customer loyalty isn’t just about getting your clients to sign up to a loyalty program: it’s about the quality of your day-to-day interactions and about building solid long-term relationships based on a great customer experience. Here are 26 easy ways to build better...

Why Your Small Local Business Needs a Gift Card Program

Many small businesses don’t feel the need to offer gift cards for a handful of reasons. Maybe they consider themselves too small, already offer gift certificates or just don’t know where to start. But if you don’t sell gift cards yet, you’re ultimately missing out....

8 Ways You Can Attract and Retain Golfers with a Loyalty Program

Written by Alex Lavoie, Content Specialist at Chronogolf   Are you tired of watching golfers finish their round, pack up, and drive out of the parking lot without even looking at your menu or checking out the promotional display you worked so hard to set up in the pro...

Is Mobile Ordering the Future?

Mobile Ordering (MO) seems to be the way of the future. The idea is brilliant. But with every idea, there are flaws. Here are some pros and cons!