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Top Trends in Restaurant Loyalty Programs

This infographic by R3 Marketing lists some of the loyalty tactics that are the most commonly used by restaurants.

The Impact of Restaurant Loyalty Programs

How much more do members of a loyalty program spend than other customers? Read this infographic from R3 Marketing to find out.

3 Ways to Step up Your Restaurant’s Loyalty Game

Check out these three tips to go beyond traditional rewards, come up with creative incentives and keep your loyalty program fun and attractive to consumers.

How Technology and Big Data Impacted the Evolution of Loyalty Programs

Read about the obstacles to loyalty in the digital age, brands with the right loyalty tactics and how technology can be a help and a hindrance.

4 Essentials to Build a Strong Loyalty Future

Find out how retailers can create loyalty programs based on tried and tested tactics and best practices instead of being tempted by the latest tech to maximize customer engagement.

5-Step Guide to Successful Loyalty Programs

Learn more about the state of loyalty in the retail sector through examples and tips in this step-by-step guide to building a loyalty program with concrete results.

The Path to Perfecting Loyalty Through Personalization

How can retailers better use the data at their disposal to personalize their approach and gain customer loyalty? Hint: it all starts with the right tools.

8 Success Factors for Restaurant Loyalty Rewards Programs

Loyalty programs have the potential to be a restaurant’s best marketing tool. Use this list as a guide to create a successful loyalty program.

Harnessing Customer Data to Shape Profitable Loyalty Program Investments

The right tools can give you access to a plethora of data about your customers. Here’s how to turn that data into actionable insights.

DataCandy Customers Experience Sweet Success

See how a well-thought-out loyalty program can help you simplify your processes, spend your marketing budget more wisely and build a loyal customer base.

Leveraging Loyalty to Pump up Petroleum Points

Paying at the pump is practical, but it can also reduce in-store purchases. Find out how implementing a loyalty program can effectively increase sales, inside and at the pump.

How Sweet It Is: The Satisfaction of a Successful Loyalty Program

Learn the five essential aspects for an attractive retail loyalty strategy that will keep consumers coming for more.

Data Drives Loyalty (If You Know How to Use It)

Read this summary of the key takeaways from two reports to find out which trends merchants should follow to gain more loyal customers.